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Pink Bloosom Crafts

Covering villages around Lincolnshire, and The East Riding of Yorkshire.

Tel: 07818 793810

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Refund / Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel a workshop
If you are unable to attend your booked workshop and its more than 14 days in advance of the start date, then we can offer to transfer the date to an alternative workshop, providing space is available or another course is planned in the future. If cancellation is within 14 days of the workshop I'm afraid we are unable to offer a refund. We do appreciate that sometimes unforceen circumstances may mean you cannot attend so we are happy for you to send along a friend in your place. We just need their name and contact details prior to the workshop. 

Our refund policy is very standard refund policy of those selling tickets, like cinemas, theatres tickets and trains and unfortunately we have to be fair to all of our customers. 
We often get asked why we only offer to reschedule up to 14 days before a workshop, even in special circumstances, so we thought a longer explanation would help.
When we do offer refunds or reschedules
You do have a 24 hour cooling off period in which you can cancel or reschedule.  If it’s more than 14 days before the event we will happily reschedule your booking. In the very unlikely event of us cancelling or moving an event, we’ll give you a full refund immediately. But after that, please do remember that by buying a ticket you’ve agreed to our terms and conditions, and that means you’ve agreed to our refund and reschedule policy too. 
We do not offer refunds in regards to cancellation due to Covid 19. If the workshop is delayed due to force majeure or the after effects you will be offered alternative dates to move your workshop booking too. 
A flat No-Refunds policy is standard
It’s pretty standard for event organisers to have a flat no-refund policy. For example, if you book to see Elton John or get tickets to go to the theatre, the cinema or for a train, you can't get a refund for any emergency or cancellation on your part. We are a very small enterprise and not able to bear the impact of refunds, and unlike a lot of those bigger events, you absolutely can give your Workshop place away to someone else, or even sell it to them if you like. So our policy is a lot more generous than most events. 
Every one of our workshop has to sell a minimum number of tickets to break even before it can make a profit. So if we have reached that number, but then have to refund a tickets it can make that workshop unprofitable. If it's unprofitable, we won’t be able to pay our staff wages and costs, and eventually we'll have to stop running workshops. And we don't want to do that! 
Financial uncertainty
We used to let people reschedule and get refunds right up to the last minute. But quickly we realised why other event organisers don’t do that – it causes an unmanageable level of uncertainty. Once a class we ran was fully booked and had ten people booked on it. Eight of them were friends, and then the day before they all cancelled. Our class ended up with two people on it and made a big loss.  We also saw that letting people cancel at the last moment meant that if it was really rainy day, a full class would be suddenly half empty from being full up. People were booking without being 100% sure they could make it, and then cancelling at the last moment. That kind of uncertainty is just not sustainable for us financially.
We hope you understand that we work really hard as a tiny business to run lots of different workshops. We keep our workshop charges to a very fair level and don’t overcharge. Prior to someone attending a workshop we have already spent money on ordering materials and kits, prepared products, and placed orders with caterers for cakes and lunch as well as incurring booking fees from paypal for every workshop booking we take.  For this reason we have to have our cancelation policy that we feel is very fair. We receive lots of emails with people’s exceptional circumstances, however as a business we can’t allow our business to be jeopardised financially. We apologise for any difficulties this may cause.
Our right to cancel a workshop. 
Very occasionally may we need to cancel a workshop due to unforceen circumtances, or if a workshop is not viable. We will aim to give you as much notice as possible. Should cancellation occur from us we will offer you a full refund or offer you an alternative workshop date. Unfortunately we cannot accept any liability for travel or other costs.
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